The Work We Do

So, what kind of work is done in this little skyscraper of gilded stucco?

Well, the best we can offer for an answer at the moment, is that it is what it is. Design, a dash of metal fabrication, a splash of software development, and some photos to taste. We don’t know why, or what central theme there is. Or how far it'll go. Ultimately we're on the same ride as everyone else, watching the same film as it unfolds.

Please enjoy this collection of projects we've been a part of. We're adding new things (and old things) daily as we finish refurbishing our online presence. Stay tuned as much is subject to change.

The Fatberg

Exhibit Design and Fabrication — Made for The Michigan Science Center

Freed from the sewer and put on display. A museum exhibit designed and developed at the Michigan Science Center as a part of a collaboration between NSF, Wayne State, and Macomb County Public Works.

Middle Ground: Making it in America

Javascript Interactive — Made for The Exploratorium

A mobile first JavaScript port of a museum floor interactive, developed for the Exploratorium's Middle Ground exhibition throughout San Francisco's Civic Center. How easy is it to get ahead? Let's see what you think.

Global Climate Change Explorer

Online Resource — Made for The Exploratorium

You can explore scientific data relating to the atmosphere, the oceans, the areas covered by ice and snow, and the living organisms in all these domains. You’ll also get a sense of how scientists study natural phenomena—how researchers gather evidence, test theories, and come to conclusions.

Big Wire & Bead Maze

Playground Sculpture — In collaboration with Our City

Because it’s filled with hours of fun and educational play. We imagined a prototype playground feature designed and fabricated for Our City Oakland's festival themed around play.

The Exploratorium's Online Engagement

Online Publishing Platform & Branding — The Exploratorium's Online Engagement

A custom built Drupal 7 CMS for the scientists, teachers, and students of the Exploratorium's community. Serving you from the world wide web since 1992.

Visualizing the Bay Area

Exhibit & Content Development — Made for The Exploratorium's Observatory

A museum exhibit designed as a dataset visualization canvas for the Exploratorium during their move from the Palace of Fine Arts to the Embarcadero. Inviting museumgoer's to view such grand things as the ebb and flow of our ocean, the dynamic currents of our atmosphere, or the geological makeup of the ground beneath our feet.


Productivity App — In House Productivity Team

It was never knowing when I'd need to concentrate, always being stuck just too far from the peace and quiet of my wood trimmed study. It was the constant need to focus through the noise of public commotion, it's from this desire that Noise came.


Internet Match-making Utility — Made for the Summer of Smart hosted by GAFFTA

An on-line match-making platform that allows the community and organizations within them to post available Spaces and Proposals for what to do with those spaces. Connecting Spaces and Art, for crowd-sourced urban revitalization.


Exhibit & Content Development — Made for The Exploratorium

Can you match any of the millions of different colors by mixing three colors of light? Red, green, and blue?

We All Need

Prototype of an On-line Archive — Made for the Great Urban Hack hosted by GAFFTA

What do you need? What do you think? These simple questions remind us that no matter how complex it gets, it's still about people, talking with people, and living with people. That our similarities outweigh the differences.

Re-distraction (redis)

Plug-in for Productivity — In House Productivity Team

Oh, the mountain of distraction the fathomless net can be. With Facebook on the very top, I sought to recover from an unhealthy addiction to this King of procrastination. This is methadone.

TenderVoice (and sister project TenderNoise)

Neighborhood Resource & Game — Made for the City Centered Festival

A simple and easy to use resource that provides an index of organizations found throughout San Francisco's Tenderloin. The application not only highlights these organizations, but also the people responsible for their very being.

Lonely Box

Interactive Prototype — Made for an OrdinaryKids Popular Workshop Exhibition

What if things could feel? And then if they could what feelings would they have? I gave this little box one mode to perceive, movement and orientation. And one mean with which to express itself, a heartbeat of light and vibration.


E-Commerce Actionscript 3.0 Site — Made at OrdinaryKids

One simple suit for the working man.

iSearch Media

SEO Compliant Actionscript 3.0 Web Site — Developed at OrdinaryKids

A website for a search agency. Near the height of the ActionScript's reign in the design and web development days we built a completely content managed SEO compliant Flash ActionScript 3.0 Website.

The Vapor Room

Actionscript 3.0 Web Site — Developed at OrdinaryKids

In 2009, right after dropping into San Francisco from Detroit, we got to make a site for the Vapor Room. An ActionScrip 3.0 website for a local neighborhood dispensary.

Little Blank Books

Interactive Installation — Senior Exhibition at the College for Creative Studies

Standing there, at the end of an undergraduate, I found that I was no longer in the things that I had created throughout my studies — they seemed but strange relics in hindsight. So, in stead we have a showcase of reflection, over a showcase of production.


Large Print Installation — Made for the ‘I Hate Lucy’ Exhibition

A small sample from the back pages of Detroit's Metro Times. One single form of our tireless spasming for companionship, physical gratification, and maybe love. This large scale print was designed for a Valentine's Day Exhibition.


Interactive Installation — Made for the CHANCED! Exhibiton

60 simple wooden blocks of ceder, each representing a single item that happened to be sitting on my desk on a random Saturday afternoon at 6:00 pm. Come play in my inventory and see if you can learn a little something about me.

Arts & Scraps

Promotional Ephemera

Promotional ephemera designed for Arts & Scraps, an organization that provides creative learning experiences for children using recycled industrial scraps. Teaching that we can use what others deem no longer useful.