TenderVoice (and sister project TenderNoise)

Mapping the voices and noises of a neighborhood.

Welcome to the Tenderloin of San Francisco!

TenderVoice is a simple and easy to use resource developed to serve a neighborhood. It's an index of local organizations found throughout San Francisco's Tenderloin District. The application not only highlights these organizations, but also the people responsible for their very being. Designed to increase awareness about the density and diversity of services located in the neighborhood, as well as to serve as an educational tool for computer literacy.

TenderVoice users become personally engaged in learning about the resources available to them by hearing interviews with the very people behind them. The application includes an organizational tool for easy use and an interactive map of the resources found throughout the neighborhood, as well as a game which tests their knowledge of those resources.


TenderVoice and TenderNoise have since been depreciated. Such is the nature of the internet. Please enjoy this snapshot in time.

TenderVoice of San Francisco's Tenderloin

For the Tenderloin Tech Lab

The TenderVoice application was designed specifically for the Tenderloin Technology Lab as a tool for introducing interactive web-based applications to new computer users.

The project was developed as part of the City Centered Festival, sponsored by the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts and KQED in San Francisco.

TenderVoice of San Francisco's Tenderloin

TenderVoice is an interactive web application which uses sound narratives to highlight community services and resources in San Francisco's Tenderloin. It is designed to engage residents and outsiders alike in gaining an artistic yet practical understanding of the neighborhood’s many positive initiatives, as well as to serve as an educational tool for technical literacy and community awareness.

Test and reinforce your knowledge of the Tenderloin and it's many resources. Match mission statements with the organization's location.

TenderVoice of San Francisco's Tenderloin
Sister Project TenderNoise

While the TenderVoice project is a collection of interview-based audio narratives highlighting a neighborhood's services and amenities, TenderNoise is an exploration of the acoustic quality of the Tenderloin.

While rich with resource and community, the Tenderloin is rather the noisiest neighborhood in the Bay Area.

TenderNoise was designed along with TenderVoice, and was developed by Stamen Design, Movity, and Arup. TenderNoise has since been depreciated.

TenderVoice of San Francisco's Tenderloin
TenderNoise Prototype TenderNoise Prototype TenderNoise Prototype TenderNoise Prototype

Credit and Special Thanks

Credit to Jake Levitas, without whom this collaboration around a neighborhood resource would not have happened.