Middle Ground: Making it in America

Reconsidering ourselves and others

Middle Ground is an exhibition developed by the Exploratorium and funded by the National Science Foundation.

Located in San Francisco's Civic Center on the Larken Street Entrance of the Main Library. The public is invited to look within and consider how we think, feel, and behave in relation to other people. Perhaps shedding light on bias and stereotyping, humor and generosity, how we work together, and how we pull apart into tribes.

Middle Ground: Public Exhibition San Francisco Civic Center

What we did

For the exhibition, we redeveloped a museum floor exhibit for the web. A home-baked Processing application written in Java was ported to JavaScript for all to enjoy, from mobile to desktop. For those that can't make it to the Public Library, fear not, pull up a chair, and enjoy Making it in America from afar.

Making it in America is a totally responsive 100% JavaScript application, developed on top of the wonderful Processing.js Library.

Try this:

  • How easy is it to get ahead?
  • Let's see what you think.

What's going on?

Most people think it's much easier to move up than it actually is. People who call themselves upper class are especially likely to get it wrong. Since these are the people making decisions in our society, what are the implications?

Does knowing the facts change how you think about people and opportunity in our society?

Middle Ground: Making it in America