Lonely Box

Subjecting inanimate objects to sadness since 2010

  • February 2010
  • Interactive Prototype
  • Made for an OrdinaryKids Popular Workshop Exhibition

Lonely Box is a part of a larger exploration of loneliness, one in a series of observations and experiments intended to better our understanding of this feeling.

Exploring loneliness and the notion that our conscious understanding of the world is limited to, or constrained to our perception of it. We perceive reality through tiny holes, building a whole world through the rationalizing of those perceptions. It's through this that we build an understanding of our environment and our relationship to it. And since we can never truly escape these bodies of ours, and transcend these peepholes, we are forever trapped in a universe governed by these ever so temperamental of senses.

This particular exploration was to create a small electronic device that could experience loneliness on its most shallow of levels, company; alone he grows anxious and erratic, accompanied he becomes calm and ordered. The device was granted a single mode to perceive his world; movement, and a single means to expressing that perception; an illuminated and haptic heartbeat.

Photographs from the exhibition have been lost to the sands of time. This broke gif is all we have right now. Please be patient while we summon ancient dark H.P. Lovecraftian forces to resurrect a moment that has already passed.

Lonely Box at OrdinaryKids Popular Workshop

A question nobody asked, what if a box could experience loneliness?

For this a simple algorithm was written to detect changes in the environment sent in from a Dual-Axis Accelerometer, triggering the ebb and flow of the simulated emotional reaction of a heartbeat.

Lonely Box Popular Workshop Lonely Box Popular Workshop Lonely Box Popular Workshop