Global Climate Change Explorer

Climate is the average pattern of weather over the long term.

The earth’s climate has warmed and cooled for millions of years, since long before we appeared on the scene. There’s no doubt that the climate is growing warmer currently; indications of that change are all around us.

Though climate change isn’t new, the study of how human activity affects the earth’s climate is. The exploration of climate change encompasses many fields, including physics, chemistry, biology, geology, meteorology, oceanography, and even sociology.

At this Web site, you can explore scientific data relating to the atmosphere, the oceans, the areas covered by ice and snow, and the living organisms in all these domains. You’ll also get a sense of how scientists study natural phenomena—how researchers gather evidence, test theories, and come to conclusions.

Exploratorium Global Climate Change Explorer

Embracing the Long Scroll

This redesign brought a complex and convoluted microsite of datasets into a clean, simple, and most importantly a navigable site.

We took over 35 separate climate related studies and datasets and cleanly re-organized them into five distinct pages. Each page, or column, of information embraces a long scroll approach with a breadcrumb sidebar to indicate where you are on your journey through the data.

Exploratorium Global Climate Change Explorer Exploratorium Global Climate Change Explorer