No: 0
Jimventory: My Desk on 9.13.2008 at 6:00pm.
Through a detailed inventory of my personal work space, I found more in the things I own than just their function; I found an emotional connection and a relationship. This is the documentation of the relationships I have with the things I own, this is my Jimventory.

No: 1
Misc electronics cords.
I really just wanted the velvet bag, I never drank the alcohol, I just set it purposefully in my room so that someone might see it while passing through. Plus it makes a great bag for misc cords.

No: 2
Lacie 250gb external hard drive.
Keeping things backed up in space makes me comfortable, even if I don't understand the fundamentals associated with that space.

No: 3
Apple Powerbook G4 power-cord.
This cord is a perfect example of when design overcomes function. I love Apple, I mean don't get me wrong, their products define me as a designer and as a person but common Apple seriously, too far... Too far.

No: 4 - 5
Tiny bucket.
Such a cute little bucket, only 99 cents, it'll go great with my Vika table from IKEA.

No: 6
OWC 120gb external hard drive.
Everything I have to show from my college career is on this drive, everything. My life is on this drive.

No: 7
Disassembled 50mm 1.8 lens.
Its insides were calling to me.

No: 8
Sony speakers.
The speakers in my shit laptop suck, so why wouldn't I buy a bigger and better set so that everyone I live with can hear the sweet music I listen to.

No: 9
Wooden handmade.
Guardian of the sub woofer.

No: 10
Jack Daniels shot glass.
I love Jack Daniel's whiskey, because carrying a bottle of JD around makes me a bad ass. I really don't like whiskey, but if it makes me the hardest guy in the room, so be it, I'll have a bottle of JD.

No: 11
Tennis-ball monster handmade.
Why the hell not.

No: 12
Ceramic handmade.
Scary face.

No: 13
Ceramic handmade.
There is something that's just funny about an obese dog.

No: 14
Glass IKEA jar aluminum top.
It's mildly comforting to have a jar filled with change, labels, buttons, pins and bottle caps. I'm not entirely sure why, though, it may be because it's an IKEA jar, but I'm not sure.

No: 15
Fake leather wallet box containing.
Everything needs a place in this world, and this mismatch group of things has one.

No: 16 - 18
Miscellaneous brass pipe fittings.
Why not have a tiny box with a bunch of miscellaneous brass fittings, I mean I could theoretically build anything with them. I'll never know when I may need something like these, maybe a future project or something.

No: 19
Can of all season Snow Seal.
Because waterproofing your boots is almost entirely necessary on every level.

No: 20
Tin Kiwi saddle soap.
Having a pair of clean presentable work boots allows me to wear them to a range of different occasions, such as weddings, mowing your lawn, funerals, lunch benefits, digging holes, fundraisers, black tie events, awards ceremonies, jail, dinner with the in-laws or maybe just sitting places.

No: 21
Canteen kidney cup.
I found this in the trash and I really don't know what it is, but it looks really cool so I kept it.

No: 22
OM-1 camera: 50mm f1.4 lens.
I really don't like cameras much, but having a 1972 SLR makes me look cool and sophisticated, automatically elevating me way above anyone with a digital camera.

No: 23
Canon 50mm f1.8 lens.
Even though it's the cheapest canon lens, it's better than having people see me with the standard lens that comes with the camera.

No: 24
Sigma 28-135 f4.5-5.6 lens.
It doesn't really matter if I can take a good photograph it's more about people thinking I'm sweet when they see me with this huge zoom lens.

No: 25
Sigma flash.
It makes my camera look way sweeter, plus nothing says you mean business better than a giant flash sticking to your camera.

No: 26
Box and case for 20mm f1.8 lens.
When things come in boxes that fit them well, it makes me happy, which may be why I never throw them away. You never know when you may need to put it back.

No: 27 - 28
Cell phone body bags promotional piece.
Haha. A body bag for a cell phone, haha. A body bag!

No: 29 - 32
Rice bags.
They're just such nice bags, even if they smell like rice. You could theoretically put anything in them, anything.

No: 33 - 34
Vojo peppermint containers.
It's just when you close the box, the snap is so satisfying it's unbelievable. I keep it cause for some reason I cant tear myself from it.

No: 35
Roll double-sided tape.
What comes on a roll and is sticky on both sides?

No: 36
Wacom tablet : mouse.
The mouse came with the tablet, but now it's just taking up space in my world.

No: 37
Moleskin sketchbook.
These are the same books used by Hemingway and Picasso, so they must be awesome.

No: 38
Half raised copper bowl.
Because nothing says bad ass more than a copper stein you made yourself... Bad ass.

No: 39
Long Fuse, Lawrence LaFore.
Because owning a book on World War I makes me a smarter person.

No: 40
Miscellaneous paper with address.
I'm too lazy to enter the number into my phone and too worried that I may some day need to contact him, to throw it away.

No: 41
Overdue Sprint bill.
All I know is that I can't have an iPhone with sprint, I mean what kind of designer are you if you don't have an iPhone. I'm bailing on Sprint.

No: 42
School papers.
You never know when your going to need the information on the pages handed out.

No: 43
Handout sketchbook exercises.
These exercises may come in handy someday, when I decide to expand my sketching process and my mind.

No: 44
Merrill Lynch benefits pamphlet.
I don't really understand the benefits to having benefits, I mean I don't even trust my mom, why would I trust this Merrill guy.

No: 45
Portfolio work sheet.
I don't even remember getting this, but that's my handwriting.

No: 46
Wacom tablet : pen stylus.
How can I expect to design without one, I am a designer, therefore I have one.

No: 47
Large cutting board.
This was way too expensive, but it protects my IKEA Vika dark wood table from marring.

No: 48
15 inch metal cork backed ruler.
The cork back makes it less likely to slip when cutting, considering it's extremely, almost unnecessarily aggravating when a ruler slips on you while cutting.

No: 49
Sony speakers : two tiny speakers.
The speakers in my shit laptop suck, so why wouldn't I buy a bigger and better set.

No: 50
Moleskin sketchbook.
These are the same books used by Hemingway and Picasso, so they must be awesome.

No: 51
Cell phone.
I hate the grid, as I often make well known, because I'm an anti-corporate individual who goes to art school and single-handedly stands against the machine.

No: 52
Pace mouse pad.
I stole this from school, actually I stole several.

No: 53
Mighty mouse.
The sleek yet sinuous form of my Apple mouse is a constant reminder of where aesthetic supersedes function. Like I said, Apple products define me as a designer. I mean function is sweet and all, but I want people to see that I care about how the things I use everyday look.

No: 54
Micron pen.
Because artists use them, cause the common person doesn't know any better and would just end up using any old BIC pen.

No: 55
Lens hood 87mm.
Camera stuff make me sweet, and the more I have the more seriously sweet I am.

No: 56
Kershaw Knife.
I don't really use it much other than in pretty obnoxious and public ways, primarily so people see that I have it and think that I'm hard. Yeah being hard is pretty important, for instance I often pull it out to stab a hole in my coffee cups allowing me to mainline black coffee, this also makes me a hard ass.

No: 57
US Denver mint money bag.
I never robbed a bank, but having a strait up money bag is $$$.

No: 58 - 60
Crown Royal bags.
It's a win win, you get hammered then you can use the bag to hold things like computer cords or gold.

No: 61
Scotch tape dispenser.
I stole this from a family member. I didn't want to spend any money so this was the lesser of two evils.